March 26, 2009

C-CAVE Member Michel Duguay letter to Sybille Fuchs and Ulrich Rippert regarding their 17 March 2009 article entitled What lies behind the latest school shooting in Germany?

Dear Sybille Fuchs and Ulrich Rippert,

I find your analysis of the mass killing epidemic excellent. I encourage you to go farther in developing your philosophy.

I watch German television (Deutsche Welle) every night; many analysts present views broadly related to your own in the context of the Winnenden killing. I’m pretty sure that Germany will take intelligent measures in the directions you are suggesting.

SfP member Rose Ann Dyson has been doing very important work on this issue. I am a member of her C-CAVE (Canadians concerned about violence in entertainment) group and I have visited with her in Toronto. I recommend those interested in this issue to become members of C-CAVE.

Here is a short piece of my view. Tim Kretschmer and others like him have an obsession with death. So do the creators of violence-laden films, TV series, computer games, books and even songs. These glorify violence in all its forms, and they create a context in which the human being has no worth. This situation squarely contradicts the very first sentence of the new German constitution: ‘’Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar’’ ( ‘’The worth of the human being is not to be violated’’; see

I think that society needs to rethink what it should teach children about self-identity and social relationships.

Our distant ancestors did not know about genetics and evolution. Modern science should have an impact on what we teach children via school, films, television and social activities. My view, shared with many others, is that our personal identity should include identity with the entire human genome, the entire human culture, and the entire 3.5 billion year history of life on Earth. Those who deny evolution deny us of our 3.5 billion-year history.

On a more personal scale I want to say this: after 1945 countless films were teaching us to dislike the Germans and the Japanese. I learned German at Yale University for my Ph.D in physics. I have worked with both German and Japanese scientists, and I have evolved to the point where I cannot do without the German national television Deutsche Welle. The Deutsche Welle also broadcasts in English and on the Internet. I highly recommend it, especially regarding this big issue which promises to be alive for a long time. They are also excellent in discussing the financial and economic crisis, and they promote renewable energy.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Michel Duguay