December 18, 2010

Report on the 2010 C-CAVE Music Recital

The 3rd annual concert performed by some of Toronto’s finest classical pianists as a fund raiser for C-CAVE, on November 9th was a resounding success. Held at the Rosedale United Church in Toronto, Master Class players, Sue Dexter, Joe Wearing, Lenore Beatty, Deanne Bogdan and Joan Zarry performed selections which included J.S. Bach, Frederic Chopin, Alexander Scriabin, Robert Schumann, and Leos Janacek. Each selection was preceded by a brief explanation about the piece played and why it was chosen..

Dorothy Ottaway, as master of ceremonies, kept the entire program running smoothly. Prior to the concert, itself, Rose Dyson, President, spoke briefly about C-CAVE’s mandate. She also gave a report outlining activities over the past year, on-going projects and made reference to several upcoming conferences and events. These included the Voice of Women’s 50th anniversary gala dinner at Hart House, University of Toronto, on November 12th. (subsequently attended by Melanie Duras and Rose), November 19th designated as World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, by the Geneva, Switzerland based Women’s Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse. C-CAVE is one of several Canadian members among the 473 in 113 countries backing this initiative.

The Ontario Government’s new sexual violence action plan aimed at protecting women and children was applauded but C-CAVE believes it should be expanded to include re-introduction of a private member’s bill first introduced in the Ontario Legislature by MPP Rosario Marchese (Trinity-Spadina). Legislation is needed which would ban all advertisements to children, not only erotic ads on Craigslist but junk food and violent forms of entertainment such as video and computer games. There is growing concern about ways in which media contribute to a culture of rape in which male sexual aggression is encouraged. Part of C-CAVE’s on-going work is to lobby both provincial and federal governments for the introduction of legislation to protect children such as that which already exists in the province of Quebec and most other parts of the developed world. This is regarded as a key strategy to address unsustainable consumption, the commercial exploitation of children, which results in consumer driven lifestyles, and to prevent AVIDS (acquired violence immune deficiency syndrome). Boys are now falling behind girls in school and while the reasons are multiple, it was noted in a recent Harris poll in the U.S. that teenage boys spend an average of 18 hours a week playing video games. Girls only spend 8. Over 12 million gamers are now immersed in Internet past times such as ‘The World of Warcraft”.Their well known addictive aspects fuel learning problems and deviant behaviours and warrant immediate attention from educators, health providers and governments at all levels.

Phil Lee, editor of the Journal for the World Association for Christian Communication spoke briefly about the work of WACC. It is one of many organizations with whom C-CAVE has collaborated in the past year. Others include, Science for Peace (UT), Just Earth, the International Holistic Tourism Education Centre, the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education, the Canadian Peace Research Association, the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood and the Global Ecological Integrity Group.

The Evening wound up with a reception hosted by Rose, Norman and Arthur Dyson at their home in Rosedale. Generous donors for the entire event included Pelee Island Wines, Summerhill Market and Passion Flowers. Melanie Duras’s smoked salmon canapes were delicious . Over 70 people attended the event. They included new members, Denis and Penny Bosovich, from Kelowna, B.C.

Rose Anne Dyson, Ed.D.
Chair: C-CAVE and the Media Working Group - Science for Peace (University of Toronto)
Editor- The Learning Edge
Author of MIND ABUSE: Media Violence In An Information Age
Co-author of MEDIA, SEX, VIOLENCE and DRUGS in the GLOBAL VILLAGE and Terrorism, Globalization & Mass Communication