Fight tooth and moral decay!

This past spring, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) accepted a million-dollar research grant from Coca-Cola. With concerned dentists around the country, SCEC is writing a public letter to the AAPD asking them to return Coca- Cola's money. A partnership between a leading children's health organization and Coke sends confusing messages to parents and undermines AAPD's credibility. The deal, like Coke's recent sponsorship of the PTA, also gives Coca-Cola an important ally at a time when soft drink companies are rightly coming under fire for their marketing practices.

We are in the process of collecting dentists' signatures for this letter. So far, several prominent dentists, including members of AAPD, have signed on. But in order to attract media attention and have a major impact on AAPD leadership, we need more signatories.

What you can do:

Print out this letter and show it to your dentist or any dentists that you know. Encourage them to sign the letter. (Please make sure they know the letter will be made public). If they are willing, please send their contact information to [ ] . We will need all signatures by October 17, 2003.


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