Mission Statement

Canadians Concerned About Violence in Entertainment (C-CAVE) is an independent national non-profit public interest organization. It is committed to increasing public awareness about the effects of cultural violence on society.

C-CAVE is financially self-supporting through annual membership dues and personal donations with members that represent a cross-section of occupations and lifestyles. i.e. educators, health professionals, members of the media, religious groups and parents.

The organization acts as an advisory group to the public, the media, secondary and post secondary students of communications on current information about violence in entertainment (television, film, videos, rock music, sports, advertising, pornography, war toys, computer games and the Internet). This is done primarily thru on-going action-oriented participatory research methodology as well as by directing inquiries to the appropriate resources.

It is committed to providing a fair, balanced and comprehensive representation of the principal research on violence in the Media, believing the public has a right to know that the overwhelming weight of findings point toward harmful effects on society as a whole.

Objectives are achieved through conferences, workshops and public meetings; and by co-operation with journalists and other members of the media in the provision of public education on the subject of media violence through interviews, letters to the editor and op-ed contributions.

C-CAVE promotes media literacy as an essential and positive way to achieve a safer and healthier environment along with responsible regulation through government and within the industry itself. But, OPPOSES the use of media as a public relations tool to rationalize the existing media system and put the responsibility of teachers and parents to supervise the media diets of children as the ONLY viable strategy for change.